Fine jewelry, done right

We think it’s time to shake up fine jewelry, it’s an old-school industry filled with brands who put profit over people and the bottom line over everything.


So we’re changing the game by building a brand centered on exceptional quality , fairer-than-fair wages and sustainable manufacturing. We’re choosing to do it right so we can give you jewelry you’ll actually want to wear without having to compromise.

Style not trends

We’re inspired by the women who wear our pieces and we thoughtfully design our pieces to fit right into your busy schedules. Every piece is painstakingly perfected to be worthy of your OOTDs whether you live in your pieces or rotate them everyday – so go ahead, wear them everywhere.

People, product, planet

We think responsibility is cool so we're choosing to go the extra mile to ensure every person from shop floor to office manager is paid a fair liveable wage, has access to proper benefits and a safe work environment. We make sure our waste impact is minimal because let's face it - wasting precious resources have never been cool.