As part of our Health & Sustainability Standards at Honest, we are committed to supporting social justice and human rights – it's simply a part of our company DNA to wish good health and happiness to everyone. With that comes a commitment to fair labor practices throughout our operations and supply chain.

In addition to our corporate commitment to transparency, the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (SB 657) requires retailers and manufacturers of a certain size doing business in California to provide consumers with information regarding a manufacturer's efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from its supply chain.

As part of our commitment to human rights, here at The Honest Company we:

  • Make inquiries of and audit our vendors to assess direct and indirect risks to its supply chain, including its labor practices.

  • Share with and expect our vendors to sign the Honest Vendor Manual. The manual addresses our expectations of our vendors, which includes sharing our commitment to having a safe and ethical supply chain free of human trafficking and forced, involuntary or child labor.

  • Internally maintain accountability standards and procedures for our employees and contractors who fail to meet company standards, including our hiring practices.

  • Train managers and employees who have direct responsibility for supply chain management to be aware of issues that can impact the supply chain such as the risk of human trafficking and slavery.

While we've always believed in fair labor and human rights, we appreciate that California has a law that requires us to be transparent about our policies. We hope to educate consumers so they can purchase goods from companies that take active steps to help end slavery and human trafficking. And although it's not required in every state, we hope you'll inquire about it with any company you decide to buy from. Every purchase you make has an impact – and together, we can make it better!